List prof. Michaela Braungarta do czytelników “Logistyki Odzysku”

Dear Scientists, Readers of Logistyka Odzysku (Reverse Logistics Magazine),

As a scientist and co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) concept I would like to introduce and recommend to you the subject matter of Logistyka Odzysku. The concept, which
I have spent the last few years of my research and business refining, assumes a smart design and manufacture of the product that dovetails with nature. Man is the only creature that produces waste and therefore, we need to develop intelligent processes that have positive effects on nature and environment rather than negative ones.

The C2C concept goes hand in hand with the rapid development of reverse logistics. Only by system solutions in this field are we able to achieve success in the management of scarce resources on Earth.

Therefore, I am delighted that the magazine Reverse Logistics has been founded as a platform to raise very important issues where economics and ecology meet and to offer necessary practical solutions. These practical solutions, however, require the support and input of the scientific community to continue to improve and optimize processes in this area.

To make this happen, I would like to encourage you to do research and publish your results in the Reverse Logistics Science yearbook. I believe that it will be an important opinion-forming position in the world of logistics in Europe and worldwide.

Articles will be subject to review by the International Scientific Council and co-researchers. Feel free to submit your publications and I wish you every success in your research!

Kind regards,
Prof. Michael Braungart

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